Medical Social Worker

Medical Social Worker


Improves range of motion

Increases muscle strength

Improves balance and coordination

Increases cardiovascular endurance

Decreases frequency of muscle spasms and pain

Medical social workers are like intermediaries between patients and healthcare providers. A patient who suffers a physical injury or traumatic experience will usually need a medical social worker to help them navigate their healthcare and recovery options.

For instance, when a patient is discharged from a medical facility or hospital, they may still require healthcare treatments of some kind. A medical social worker is qualified to assess the patient’s medical needs and collaborate with healthcare experts who can address those needs.

Some of these needs might include medical equipment, counseling, physical therapy, home health aide, transportation, and caregiving services. The job of a medical social worker is to ensure the patient can exist in their home environment as safely and comfortably as possible.

If you need a medical social worker to assist with your recovery, then you need to contact Health Care of South Florida. Our medical social workers care about the needs of every patient. We have connections with the best healthcare providers in South Florida. Whatever kind of medical assistance you need, we can arrange it.


Our medical social workers conduct an assessment of each patient to determine their social and emotional state. We listen to their needs and struggles very carefully so that we can create a long-term plan for their recovery. It is important that good decisions are made during the recovery process. Otherwise, the recovery would take longer than necessary.

Community Resource Planning

An important part of medical social work is connecting the patient to the resources of their community. These are the resources that will assist them in various aspects of their recovery, such as their transportation or caregiving needs. After all, if a patient cannot visit their doctor because of their inability to drive, then someone else has to drive them to their appointments. That is why transportation is considered part of medical social work.

Physical and Mental Care

Physical and mental care are both equally important. Sometimes a physical trauma can have a lasting psychological effect on a person. Traditional hospitals and medical facilities don’t usually address mental health-related issues. For this reason, so many patients leave hospitals in bad mental shape.

Medical social workers, on the other hand, focus heavily on mental health-related issues. If you’ve faced trauma in your life and have difficulty overcoming it, then our medical social workers can show you where to get counseling in your local community.

Ideal Patient

Parkinson’s Disease and other Neurological Deficits

Lymphedema/Post Mastectomy

Joint replacement

Low endurance

Multiple Sclerosis


Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)

Chronic back pain


Reduces weight bearing joints

Increases blood flow

Increases circulation

Increases flexibility

Increases healing and strengthening of injured tissue