Senior Living Wellness

Encouraging a Lifestyle of Independence

How it Works

Coordination: ELITE will partner with your staff to coordinate ancillary services based on your residence needs

Continuity: ELITE’s goal is to provide your residents with a consistent care giver

Communication: The ELITE staff will keep you informed on the progress of our patients who live at your community and maintain contact with them in the event of a hospitalization

Community Resources: ELITE will assist your community by networking and participating in strategic planning to help meet or exceed your company goals

Ideal Patient

Seniors transitioning from living at home to an assisted or independent living facility

Seniors coping with the loss of a loved one

Seniors recently discharged from the hospital

Seniors with mobility issues

Seniors experiencing cognitive decline

Seniors with an inability to properly manage medications


Immediate response to resident needs

Improved outcomes and independence

Collaborative resident management

Facilitates care transition

Program coordination by a Registered Nurse with a team of rehab professionals