Medical Supplies for Ukraine, organized by Pavlo Lukyanchykov

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It takes a Village to make an impact and we need you! Please help support Ukraine-any wound vac/supplies and wound care supplies can be given to Elite Stuart office to be delivered for the next shipment to Ukraine! read below…

Hello everyone!
I am sorry for a great delay in updates.
All supplies that we purchased and collected as donations safely arrived to Vinnytsya Regional Medical Center last week. There they were shared with doctors volunteering in Vinnytsya Military Medical Center and volunteers assisting wounded civilians in Eastern Ukraine near Dnipro and Mariupol.
We will continue providing them with necessities that they presently are not able to freely obtain in the country or nearby in Europe. These suppliers are getting scarce.
I ordered 100 more of VAC dressing kits and 50 VAC collection canisters that are being used in the hospitals.
I expect these to arrive tomorrow.
With finances that we… More

Medical Supplies for Ukraine, organized by Pavlo Lukyanchykov


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